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Title Type Size
Péter Balogh - EU Enlargement Eastwards: A Threat to European Security? 705.4 KiB
Borce Bejkovski - The Social Dimension of Europe and Social Policy in Macedonia - Solidarity, Mutuality and the Pursuit... 587.4 KiB
Svetla Boneva - The Council and the European Commission on Budgetary Discipline and Improvement of the Budgetary Procedure... 564.7 KiB
Ágnes Borgulya - Diversity in Value Orientation in Europe: Interaction Conflicts 1.0 MiB
Gabriela Cretu - The Impact of Europeanisation on Institution-Building: European Regional Policy Implementation in Greece 540.5 KiB
Luana Dinu - A Minimal Definition of Democracy - The EU's Role as Democracy Promoter in the Arab World 560.4 KiB
Valeriu Frunzaru - The European Union's Employment Policy in the Context of the Pension Reform. Romania as a New Member State 555.6 KiB
Zoltán Gál - Ruptures in the Danubian Region: Territorial Co-operation as a Playground of European Integration 744.3 KiB
Sergii Glebov - Global and Regional Subjectivity of the EU and the Case of Ukraine in Relations with the NATO, USA and Russia 544.0 KiB
Armagan Gözkaman - The EU as a Military Crisis Manager: Assets and Obstacles 564.0 KiB
Ioana Cristina Iliescu - Decision-making in the European Union: the Convention on the Future of Europe 564.3 KiB
Brigitte Krech - Job Opportunities in Brussels - Some Ideas on a Stragety for Young Graduates from the Danube Region 521.9 KiB
Amarilla Lukács - Competition versus Co-operation 557.9 KiB
Zsolt Péter - Foreign Direct Investments and the Countries of the European Union 845.3 KiB
Vassilis Petsinis - Cross-border Co-operation in Southeast Europe as a Prelude to European Integration: the Case of Serbia 532.8 KiB
Gejsi Plaku - 'Kosovo in Light of Status Negotiations' - Political Development and Status Negotiations 538.1 KiB
Ruxandra Pupazescu - The European Social Policy Area - Between Divergence and Convergence 560.1 KiB
Ujbien Shehu - Romania in Light of EU Accession 2007 - The Delayed Transition 536.9 KiB
Marko Trnski - Regional Policy of the EU as an Instrument of Social Solidarity 610.0 KiB
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