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6 August
19.00    Registration

20.00    First meeting - Reception

7 August
08.00    Registration

09.00    Opening session - Moderation: István TARRÓSY, Susan MILFORD (co-organisers)

Opening speech

  • Helena Jasna MENCER, President of the Danube Rectors’ Conference, Rector of the University of Zagreb
  • Erste & Steiermärkische and the role within Erste Bank Group - Dijana BOJCETA, Head of PR and Marketing, Erste Bank Croatia
  • Concepts and projects of NGO’s in South Eastern Europe - Dr. Klaus FIESINGER, Hanns Seidel Foundation

10.00 Keynote addresses
    The Future of Europe
    Paul LUIF, Senior Researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (OIIP) and Lecturer at Vienna University

    A Constitution for Europe
    Maria BERGER, MEP, Deputy Chairperson of IDM

    The EU as a global player
    István TARRÓSY, Director of the International House Pécs

13.00     Lunch

14.00    Workshop sessions

20.00    Dinner

8 August
09.00    Plenary lectures

    Social and cultural dimension of regions in the European regional policy
    Iwona SAGAN, University of Gdansk

    Diversity in Value-orientation in Europe – Interaction Conflicts
    Ágnes Á. BORGULYA, University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics

    1. Thematic Workshop: The social dimension of Europe
    Iwona SAGAN, Ágnes Á. BORGULYA

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Workshop sessions

20.00     Dinner

9 August
09.00    Guided city tour In Dubrovnik

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Workshop sessions

20.00    Dinner

10 August
09.00    Plenary lectures

    Ruptures in the Danube Region: Territorial co-operation as a playground of European Integration
    Zoltán GÁL, Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs

    The Bologna Process and South Eastern Europe
    Wolfgang BENEDEK, World University Service (WUS)-Austria, Institute for International Law and International Relations,     University of Graz

    The Danube Region as part of the European Research Area
    Manfred HORVAT, Former Director in the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Workshop sessions

20.00    Dinner

11 August
09.00    Plenary lecture and Workshop

    2. Thematic Workshop: Lobbying in the EU – Job opportunities in Brussels
    Brigitte KRECH, freelance researcher
    Valeriu FRUNZARU, Assistant professor, State University of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Workshop sessions (preparation of the presentations)

20.00    Dinner

12 August
10.00    Closing session: Presentation and discussion of the workshop results

13.00    Lunch

19.00    Dinner

21.00    Farewell party

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