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4 July
16.00    Shuttle bus departs from Vienna

18.00    First meeting and registration

    The DRC Summerschool and its academic profile
    Gerald Rosskogler, István Tarrósy

    The FH Burgenland as promotor of inter-regional relations
    Prof. Ingrid Schwab-Matkovits, Eisenstadt

20.00    Dinner

5 July
09.00    “Eisenstadt Europe Day” and opening of the Summer school 2005
    Opening by Prof. Andrei Marga, Cluj-Napoca
    “The impact of capital and financial markets on the economic development in CEE”

14.00    Discussion with the students of the FH Eisenstadt, moderated by Rafal Riedel

17.00    Introduction to the working methods and the workshops

19.00    Dinner

6 July
09.00    Plenary lectures

    The Danube Region as Economic Area
    Expert from Univ. Cluj-Napoca

    The Danube Region as framework for political co-operation
    Zdravko Petak, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb

    Social problems in the Danube Region
    Filip Chybalski, Department of Economics and Management, Polonia University, Czestochowa

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Visit to Technology Park Eisenstadt

15:30    Workshops

19:00    Dinner

7 July
09.00    Excursion to Vienna

10.00    Round table discussion organised by IDM, possibility to get in touch with other academic institutions
    Emil Brix, Brigitte Marcher, Henriette Riegler, Vedran Dzihic, Zoltán Cséfalvay, Márta Font

14.30    Guided tour in Vienna

19.30    Film festival at Rathausplatz

22.00    Departure to Eisenstadt

8 July
    The EU structural policy towards higher cohesion
    Ronald Hall, European Commission

    Possibilities to use EU structural funds
    Harald Meier, Human Dynamics, Vienna

    The impact of EU transition periods on the free movement of labour force
    Magdalena Kostolna, Slovak Minstry for Social Affairs

    The impact of EU transition periods on direct investments in agriculture

13.00    Lunch

    Black Sea Economic Co-operation
    Stefana Greavu, BSEC

    “Publicon”: regional Internet-based network for young social scientists and the DRC Summer School Series
    István Tarrósy, International House Pécs


19.00    Dinner

9 July
    Burgenland excursion

    Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution

    Spa World as example for Austrian-Hungarian Cross-border Co-operation

    Wine degustation

10 July
Eisenstadt City tour

UNESCO World Heritage Lake Neusiedl

11 July
09.00    Plenary lectures

    Consequences of the EU regional policy on regional co-operation
    Arkan Zwick, WWFF

    Best practice for regional co-operation to strengthen economic ties
    Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe

    Best practice for regional co-operation to strengthen societal ties
    Eugen Scherer, ARGE Donaulaender
    Heinrich Wedral, Land Burgenland

13.00    Lunch

14.30    Workshop sessions (preparation of the presentations)

19.00    Dinner

12 July
10.00    Presentation and discussion of the workshop results

12.00    Closing session

13.00    Lunch

19.00    Farewell party

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