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Speakers of the 6th DRC Summer School - Budapest, Hungary

1989 – 2009: Achievements and Lackings [ download]

István STUMPF, Századvég Foundation, Budapest

Transition and the Judiciary

Péter HACK, Faculty of Law, ELTE, Budapest

Civil Society and Participation [ download]

László KÁKAI, University of Pécs

The economic development in the Danubian Region after 1989 [ download]

Vladimir GLIGOROV, Vienna Institut for International Economic Studies

Global Challenges, European answers, CEE prospects [ download]

Tamás SZEMLÉR, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Background Stories: History of Austria-Hungary, 1989 and CEE Grants [ download]

Tamara SCHEER, Research Assistant, Vienna University, Institute for Contemporary History

Political Transformation in the Central European Region: Similiarites, Disparities and Peculiarities

Andreas PRIBERSKY, Institute for Political Science, University of Vienna

The youth and its role in transformation

Jörg FORBRIG, German Marschall Fund of the United States, Bratislava

Corruption and ways of dealing with it [ download]

Tina OLTEANU, University of Vienna

Regime Change and their impact on the perception of the Danubian Region

Emil BRIX, deputy chairman, IDM, Vienna

CEE - The backyard of the EU or international player?

János MARTONYI, University of Szeged, Szeged


Workshop - Finap presentations

Ws1 - Tamara SCHEER [ download]

Ws2-3 - Renáta Anna DEZSŐ [ download]

Ws4 - Armagan GOZKAMAN [ download]

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