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from 2004


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Title Type Size
Darija Marković - National Variety in Serbia in the Process of EU Integrations 672.8 KiB
Sebastian Schäffer - A Call for an End of the Reality Distortion in the Discourse about Putin’s Russia 686.9 KiB
Alfred Kramer - The Visegrad Group’s Position Towards the Ukrainian Crisis 675.1 KiB
István Tarrósy – Zoltán Vörös - Chinese Interest Towards the Visegrád Four? 921.8 KiB
Staffan Nilsson - Villages in a Growingly Urban World 758.3 KiB
Svetlana Demianenko – Anna Vartanian - Means of Sustainable Tourism Development in Rural Areas of the Ukrainian Danube Delta 2.2 MiB
Katarzyna Kajdanek - Between City and Country 1.8 MiB
Ilka Yonovska - Multifunctionality of the Forestry Sector in Bulgaria 566.1 KiB
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