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Title Type Size
Károly Barakonyi - University Governance - Overview and Criticism on the Hungarian Situtation 283.4 KiB
Cristina Bojan - The European Dimension of Higher Education between the Lisbon Strategy and the Bologna Process 184.9 KiB
Ferenc Dávid - Military Archeology and Options for Military and Civil Higher Education 126.1 KiB
Renáta Anna Dezső - "A Starting Point" - The Contribution of a Secondary Grammar School of the Romany Ethnic Minority to... 196.0 KiB
Péter Dobay - Universities: A Regional Diploma-Mill or a Global Innovation Centre? 665.8 KiB
Péter Fodor - Lifelong Learning in the Southern Transdanubian Region 463.5 KiB
August Gachter - Migration Policies for the Highly Skilled: The Case of Foreign Graduates 110.6 KiB
Zoltán Gál - Regional Dimension of Investment on Research - The Case of the Southern Transdanubian Knowledge Base 244.8 KiB
Zoltán Grünhut - Aliyah and Yerida 187.3 KiB
Anikó Kálmán - Lifelong Learning: Opportunities and Challenges - European Networking 155.4 KiB
Agnieszka Klucznik-Törő - Co-operation between Higher Education Institutions and Industry - The Case Study from Wroclaw in... 132.6 KiB
Inez Koller - Migration Types and Migration Patterns in Europe 165.2 KiB
Gergely Kováts - Dilemmas of Career Management in Contemporary Universities 283.1 KiB
Gábor Márkus - The Entrepreneurial Environment of the Universities and the Career Expectations of Students in Hungary... 958.8 KiB
Heikki S. Mattila - Challenges for Labour Migration Policy in Central European Countries 211.7 KiB
Balázs Németh - Lifelong Learning and Regional Development in Hungary: A New Role for Higher Education 828.8 KiB
Attila Pausits - Higher Education Management 2020 - Challenges and New Approaches in the Future 224.2 KiB
Vassilis Petsinis - The Refugees in Vojvodina: Prospects for Social Integration and Other Alternatives 162.4 KiB
Aleksandra Trklja - Changes in the Higher Educational System at Belgrade University in Light of the Adoption of the Bologna... 130.3 KiB
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