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Title Type Size
Ivan Dimitrov - Explaining Two Decades of Post-Communist Transition 156.3 KiB
Georgeta Chirlesan - Basic Elements of the Actual Regional Security Environment within Central and Eastern Europe 569.4 KiB
Armağan Gözkaman - Towards a European Danube Strategy 179.2 KiB
Ioana Veronica Ionescu - European Union Strategy for the Danube Region –Toward a Structural Reform of the Regional Cooperation 193.8 KiB
Victoriia Liepkova - Water Ways – 20 Years of the Close Cooperation in Danube Region 137.1 KiB
Vassilis Petsinis - Ethnic Relations in Romania: The Prospects for a New Accommodation 195.4 KiB
Renáta Anna Dezső - Minority Nationality Education: a True Marker of Democracy 837.0 KiB
Anamaria Neag - Taves Bahtalo! – Health Policies and the Romanian Gypsy Community 191.0 KiB
Sonia Pavlenko - Post 1989 Higher Education in Romania: Transition, Reform or Building the Common? 199.6 KiB
Maria Velizarova - Motivation for Migration, Return and Sustainability of the Return 493.9 KiB
Iuliia Diachenko - The Impact of the Global Crisis on the Ukrainian Exports and Imports of Goods 475.7 KiB
Herbert Seher - Cross-border Learning, Living and Working – The Special Role of the European Office/Vienna Board of Education 1.0 MiB
Gergely Takács - From Gorbachev’s Europe Plan to Putin’s Gazprom Diplomacy 200.5 KiB
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