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Title Type Size
Erhard Busek - Current Challenges and Potentials for Regional Cooperation in the Danube Region 535.4 KiB
Irena Markuszewska - The Danube Region Culture among Versatile Communities 599.8 KiB
Aneta Skorupa-Wulczynska - Erasmus+ as the EU Answer to the Educational Challenges Faced by Europe 590.7 KiB
Radostina Schivatcheva - The King and Us – The Role of Socio-political Myths in Post-socialist Bulgaria 594.3 KiB
Balázs Brucker - The Impact of the EU Membership on the Situation of Hungarian Minorities living in Neighbouring Countries 701.3 KiB
Gabriela Cretu - Identity and Inter-ethnic Relations in the Public Discourse 626.5 KiB
Enis H. Rexhepi - Ukraine’s Geopolitical Position: Between East and West 595.8 KiB
Iris Rehklau-Sebastian Schäffer - Grey is not a colour and Chișinău’s central square isn’t Maidan 1.7 MiB
Plamen Petrov - The Ukrainian Crisis and the Aggravation of EU-Russia Relations 1.0 MiB
Victoriia Liepkova - Development of Strategic Programs During External Aggression 567.3 KiB
Mihai-Bogdan Popescu - The European Union’s Role in the Institution Building Process within the South Caucasus States 660.1 KiB
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