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from 2004


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Title Type Size
Andrea Antal - Why a constitutional treaty for Europe? 497.9 KiB
Valeriu Frunzaru - Cross-border co-operation against social exclusion 465.3 KiB
Tamás Kern - Hungarian regional security policy in light of the Visegrad co-operation (1990-1994) 464.4 KiB
Inez Koller - Legal and real possibilities for political participation and the role of national and ethnic minorities in Pécs... 439.3 KiB
Brigitte Krech - Example for the role of civil society in regional co-operation. Project proposal on sustainable development... 479.1 KiB
Jan Malinovsky and Jan Suchacek - Territorial marketing and its implementation in Moravian-Silesian towns 681.3 KiB
Kamil Markiewicz - German policy toward Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 437.0 KiB
Josef Oberger - An Austrian initiative: The regional partnership 418.0 KiB
Selcen Öner - Relations between the EU and sub-regions and their impact on the European nation-state 488.8 KiB
Rafal Riedel - Regionalism in the context of a political system 411.2 KiB
István Tarrósy - "Past Fears - Future Hopes" An example for regional co-operation outside Europe: from the East African... 442.9 KiB
Dorde Tomic - Vojvodina - the political apect, regional organisations and initiatives in Vojvodina 458.4 KiB
Marko Trnski - Multi-level governance in the EU 442.1 KiB
Zsuzsanna Trón - Need for regional policy and some theoretical basis 454.8 KiB
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